Angie Zapata – Transgender Murder in Colorado

Angie Zapata

 Justin “Angie” Zapata, an 18 year old transgendered person,
was murdered on July 16th by a man that she had sexual relations
with after he found out that she was actually born a male.

The story has gotten quite a bit of coverage and I’ve
attempted to follow it as closely as possible. I agree with the vast majority
of people writing about the story, it’s very sad that Angie Zapata was murdered,
it’s a terrible thing; what I disagree with is how many people are portraying
the case, or perhaps I should say – what they are not portraying:


Justin 'Angie' Zapata

 Angie Zapata met Allen Ray Andrade through a website called, which I can only assume is similar to; a social
website for people to network, meet and interact in various kinds of
activities, including sexual activities.

After a very brief bout of communications through; the affidavit released by Greeley police states that shortly
after meeting for the very first time and spending the day together, the day of
July 15th 2008, that Angie Zapata performed oral sex on Andrade but
would not allow him to reciprocate.

They spent the night together and in the morning Angie
Zapata left her apartment, while Allen Ray Andrade was free to peruse the
apartment at his discretion.

While alone in the apartment of Angie Zapata, Andrade
apparently discovered several pictures that lead him to either question, or if
he already had doubts from the previous night – to further question the gender
of Zapata.

When Angie Zapata returned to her home she discovered the distraught
Andrade, who then began making demands to see the genitalia of Zapata; who
then, according to Andrade, stated that she was “all woman.”

Not taking Angie Zapata’s word for it, Andrade then began grabbing
at her genitalia, at which point he then of course made the inevitable
discovery that she was indeed a man, and that his suspicions were true.

Andrade then struck Zapata with his hands, finally the
violence escalated to Andrade grabbing a fire extinguisher and striking Zapata
in the head with it numerous times.

Thinking that his actions had lead to the death of Angie Zapata,
Andrade began his attempts at covering up his crime; shortly after Zapata began
to move and try to get off of the ground: Andrade then took the fire
extinguisher in his hands and with one final strike, ended the life of Angie


It’s an extremely sad story, and to be completely honest, it
was fairly difficult typing the above explanation out for those of you that do
not yet know the story.

I’m going to say upfront, before I allow anyone to get the
wrong idea as to what my feelings are on this case: That I am not going to
defend Allen Ray Andrade in any way. He is undoubtedly a murderer and deserves
whatever justice is forced upon him and much, much more.


Where I take issue is in the fact that Justin “Angie” Zapata
was living a lie by stating that she was a female, when in reality she wasn’t,
no matter how much she wanted to be, no matter how much she felt that she was a
female; the sad reality is that she was not a female and could never be a

I certainly don’t mean to judge her. She was who she was and
I respect that on every level.

What I do not respect is the level of deception involved, as
well as the questionable decision making on her part.

Case in point, here is a (large) picture of Allen Ray


Allen Ray Andrade - Murderer

 Maybe I’m just not hip enough, not in the know enough to
understand that meeting some 31 year old man from the internet for a random
sexual encounter is actually perfectly sound judgment on Angie Zapata’s part.

Looking at it logically though, meeting a person that looks
like the person pictured above (Allen Ray Andrade) for random sex acts, after
lying to him about your gender, possibly your age, and who knows what else;
well, let’s just say that it doesn’t seem like a wise choice for a person, any
person, to make.

Yet for some reason I haven’t seen this mentioned on one
single blog or website. Nobody seems to care that this 18 year old girl was
meeting a 31 year old man, whom she met through the internet, for a random
sexual encounter.

This is only compounded by the fact that transgendered
people are looked at through the eyes of bigotry and hate.

What does a person have to be thinking to do something like
this, to make a decision as unsound, as thoughtless as this? I can’t even bring
myself to that level of understanding; it’s an impossibility for me, no matter
how hard I try; I just don’t see myself thinking at that level.


The second issue that I mentioned was the deception involved
on the part of Angie Zapata.

I visited what I believe to be Angie Zapata’s Myspace page:
It states quite clearly that she is a female and that she is heterosexual. There
is absolutely no mention of being transgendered, transsexual, bisexual, male,
born a male, nothing of that sort.

I understand that many transgendered people don’t feel that
they are actually of the gender of their birth; but the reality is that no
matter how badly they want to be the opposite gender, that it’s impossible for
that to happen.

Certainly that must be tough to understand and accept,
especially considering how many people view transgendered individuals in the
United States, and much of the world for that matter. But it’s something that
they have to come to accept.

Transgendered individuals should be accepting of what and who
they are. No matter how they feel, they should be free to express their
feelings in a way that makes them feel good about themselves, not in a way that
they think will be accepted by others.

I have no doubt that many people would have accepted Angie
Zapata as a transgendered person, just as her family and her friends appear to
have done. Anyone that wanted to judge her based on her sexual feelings, rather
than what she was like as a person, as a fellow human being, isn’t someone that
she should have worried about looking for acceptance from in the first place.

Angie Zapata should have accepted what she was and dealt
with it. Those people that didn’t accept her for how she felt, people who
judged her for her sexual feelings, aren’t people whose opinions should be
respected or sought after.


In closing, it’s a very sad thing that should not have ever

R.I.P. Angie Zapata, I don’t doubt that you will be
remembered by a great many people.

43 thoughts on “Angie Zapata – Transgender Murder in Colorado

  1. “Nobody seems to care that this 18 year old girl was meeting a 31 year old man, whom she met through the internet, for a random sexual encounter.”
    That’s because using the internet for such encounters is anything but rare. Furthermore, most people would agree that although it’s indicative of poor judgment, it’s her business. She was 18, a consenting adult.
    Did she swindle him? Absolutely. But he should have been a lot more careful as well.

  2. On a comment made by Charles Lumia on “Various Thoughts” Blog : In which he repeatedly referred to Angie as Transgendered and not a Transgender, how would he like to be referred to as Gayed or Homosexualed. CL says “Where I take issue is in the fact that Justin “Angie” Zapata was living a lie by stating that she was a female, when in reality she wasn’t, no matter how much she wanted to be, no matter how much she felt that she was a female; the sad reality is that she was not a female and could never be a female.” So why does Charles continue to refer to Angie as “she”? Could be Charles does not fully understand Transgender, still it is by no means an excuse to make for Andrades defense, that’s just sick!

  3. Randall,
    Certainly you’re correct in saying that those types of encounters are commonplace, as well as such encounters being none of our business.
    On the other hand, although the personal acts of others are not any of our business, if we are aware of such acts then we are free to pass our judgment on them and those partaking in them.
    I wasn’t able to find where you wrote that (if you did write it elsewhere). But I would be more than happy to reply to it there in addition to here.
    First, let me say that I had no clue that “Transgendered” was in any way derogatory. So I apologize for the use of that phrase if it is negative or seemed negative through my usage.
    I refer to Angie Zapata as a she out of respect. I realize that Angie thought of herself as a female and felt like a female – I was simply pointing out the sad reality that she was not a female and could never be a female.
    Also, I was absolutely not defending Andrade. That’s a laughable accusation and the only thing that I’ve read here that’s sick.

  4. I have to jump in here for a second.
    While reading this article I never got the impression that Charles was defending what is inherently indefensible. I think his point was that society as a whole still does not know how to deal with itself in its entirety. GLBTs have been discriminated against for so long that much of “main-stream” society doesn’t know how to relate to some of them….let alone correctly spell out exactly what GLBT means.

  5. This all starts with a lie. Plain and simple.
    You said it when you said “Where I take issue is in the fact that Justin “Angie” Zapata was living a lie by stating that she was a female, when in reality she wasn’t, no matter how much she wanted to be, no matter how much she felt that she was a female; the sad reality is that she was not a female and could never be a female.”
    Bottom line -I am sure she would be ALIVE today if she had been honest up front. she almost certainly would have never got together with this guy.
    She lied.


  7. Angie was my girl! I loved her! She was the best!! I miss her SO much! She is always in my thoughts. I loved her and I always will.

  8. i think wat u all r saying is kinda rude an messed up..even tho she wasnt born a girl she couldnt help how she felt..she didnt fit in as a man so she felt shed fit in as a felt to her that no one accepted her an the way u guys r talkin u dont sound like u accepted her either..if u have a problem then write me
    R.I.P Angie Zapata

  9. HALLO…my GOD its horrible the way ANGIE was killed….IM SCHOCKED, JUST READ IT TODAY(29 januari 2009). Im born as intersex woman but we all transgender share similarities. I am now totally woman after having genital surgery only. To say that she isnt female and never will be is absurd. Can i ask anybody to look at her foto again. DOES SHE LOOK LIKE A MAN OR WOMAN? A WOMAN. THATS RIGHT!! I DONT AGREE WITH SOMESTATEMENTS MADE HERE AND OTHER PLACES ABOUT HER AND IM FRUSTRATED WITH PEOPLE THINKING THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT OTHERS. She looks female but lied about it, i understand, she wants to blend in and she wants to be accepted without telling the truth about gender, it happens a lot, well sometimes too much but mostly with teens. COULDNT WE TEACH OTHER MONSTERS LIKE THIS MAN THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE ANGIE AND THEY WILL LIE ABOUT THEIR GENDER ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG AND THAT THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN ONLY MAN AND WOMAN, THAT YOU HAVE “‘THE INBETWEENSEX”” AND ALSO LIKE SOME WANT TO BE CALLED “”THE 3RD SEX””? OLDER TRANSGENDER MEN AND WOMAN REALIZE THE DANGER??? C’MON PEOPLE SHE WAS A YOUNG TEENAGER. THEY LIE ABOUT MANY THINGS IN THEIR YOUNG YEARS. SHE DIDNT REALIZE THAT BY TELLING SUCH A BAD LIE COULD LEAD TO HER DEATH. I AM 41 AND DO REALIZE THAT. I TELL PEOPLE UPFRONT OF ME BEING BORN DIFFERENTLY. SEE MY WEBSITE AND PHOTO’S PLEASE, ITS ALL ON THE INTERNET FOR PEOPLE TO BE EDUCATED AND ACCEPT AND TOLERATE TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. IN THE THE NETHERLANDS WE HAVE “‘NORMAL”” RIGHTS LIKE ANYONE ELSE BUT STILL ALSO GET BEATEN UP EVEN IF WE DONT LIE. HOWEVER Many people lie about being married, about having a girlfriend/boyfriend, or divorced, not having children or even not having a cat to someone whos allergic just to have SEX DATES ON THE INTERNET. These men and woman are also cheaters. So does that mean that they must kill the date who lied about being married? Lies, lies and more lies on the internet. Names, schooling, athletics, wheight, everything, many many millions lie everyday to meet others for sex. Normal behaviour. Is this a crime what ANGIE did or a crime to be beaten to death by this vicious horrible man?? I wonder how come he stayed the whole night without noticing anything. There must be something that he noticed before deciding to stay till the morning and invading her privacy and going through her personal stuff. He could have just walked away and said ” my dear ANGIE, youre a sweet girl but i don’t think we should go on further cause i have doubts about your gender”” Isnt that humane and reasonable enough? NO BUT THESE WICKED PEOPLE MAKE THE LIVES OF YOUNG TEENS ABRUPTLY END AND FINISH THEIRS TOO BY BECOMING A CRIMINAL. All my sympathies for ANGIE’S family and friends. SHE WILL BE A WOMAN, SHE IS A WOMAN AND SHE WAS WOMAN. WHY BECAUSE SHE LOOKED LIKE ONE AND SHE FELT LIKE ONE AND BEHAVED LIKE ONE MEANING HER BRAINS WERE FEMALE. ONLY HER GENITALS WERE MALE. SO THAT MAKES HER A LEGAL MALE? BUT THEN STILL I PLEDGE ALL YOU YOUNG TRANSGENDER FEMALES/MALES PLEASE DON’T LIE. TAKE AN EXAMPEL FROM ME. LOOK AT MY FOTOS AND READ MY TEKST. MAYBE YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND AND SPARE YOUR LIFE. JUST BE HONEST UPFRONT. I NEVER GOT BEATEN UP BY DATES BUT I DID GET BEATEN UP IN A CLUB CAUSED BY JEALOUSY FROM ANOTHER WOMAN TELLING A GUY” I DONT THINK SHE IS A REAL FEMALE”” (JEALOUS U GUESS CAUSE I LOOK GOOD EVEN NOW AT 41) AND THEN HE HIT ME INTO UNCONSIOUSNESS. THE FOTOS ARE ALSO ONLINE. I DINDT LIE TO ANYONE AND STILL GOT BEATEN UP, IM LUCKY TO SURVIVE. LET’S TEACH THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE THAT “”WE”‘ ALSO LIVE IN THIS UNIVERSE AND NEED TO SURVIVE JUST LIKE THEY DO AND BE ACCEPTED AND TRY TO STAND UP FOR TOLERANTIE AND LETS JOIN HANDS AND BE ONE. ‘CHANGE YES WE CAN””

  10. Honestly, I don’t know how to reply to that… Though I did read it, I wish that you’d separated it into paragraphs to make it a little easier on my eyes.
    Anyway, life is certainly difficult for people with sexual identities seen as different and it shouldn’t be that way.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s the way they were born or the way that they choose to be. All people should be free to make that decision on their own without interference from the outside world and without feeling that they’re being judged constantly.
    The physical harm in this case was certainly appalling, but I have no doubt that physical harm is the least of many transgendered individuals worries.
    It has to be jarring to deal with the mental and emotional toll that comes from the lack of acceptance and understanding.

  11. I think that there are some misconceptions about trans folks and their obligations to society.
    If she identifies as female, she presents as female, she believes herself to be female, and she lives her life as a female — she is female.
    It isn’t her “duty” to inform people of her born gender on a first date. Or a second for that matter. Why? Because it isn’t safe.
    Just like one wouldn’t necessarily tell someone they just met and planned to have coffee with “you should know I have herpes”, mention their HIV status or bring up on a first date they had an abortion in highschool.
    It is up to the individual to make their truths known when *they* feel comfortable. IF they feel like pursuing it as a regular dating situation. Not broadcast on their myspace page or on a pamphlet that they hand out to prospective dates.
    Deception and maintaining privacy are two different things, thought I understand the line is fine at times.
    This is an awful situation, and I think that there has to be room in this world for someone to evaluate a situation to find out if it’s safe or not before telling someone something of this magnitude.

  12. What Allen Ray Andrade did was wrong, but what Angie Zapata did was wrong as well. What she did violated Allen Ray Andrae in a very serious way that would make a lot of men lose control. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a temporary insanity defense for Andrae, and I hope it works.

  13. I think the thing that everyone is overlooking is that Angela Zapata was a person. A living human being who’s life was cut short by someone who did not have the right to take it.
    Andrade should be punished simply because he took the life of another human being. It was not self defense. He did not believe that he was protecting anyone (pride doesn’t count). So there is no justification.

  14. Wow!!! sad so sad….. my thoughts and prayers go out to the Zapata family! For god sake he was a human being. R.I.P. Justin(Angie)

  15. JENNIFER KISTEN and Charles
    I totally agree with you!
    You said it all!!
    I am a 46 year old woman. Born a female.
    Live n let live. Everyone lies!!! There is NO excuse for what he did to HER!!!! None at all!!!
    Marilyn from Dallas,TX

  16. Had Justin been honest with himself and accepted that he is born male maybe things in his life would have been more in control, but no, he decided to lie and fake everything in order to have some fun. The problem is that these days many are not accepting the reality, the reality is that you are born either male or female and nothing changes that reality. Now for these people who in denial of reality and decide to lead a life full of lies and deceit, it will eventually hurt them in the end. If one cannot be honest with themself and accept reality then how can they be honest with others? Had Justin told Andrade the truth then maybe Andrade would not have come down to ‘sleep’ over. When you let your ego take over your life then be prepared for alot of bad things

  17. Charles – I think you bring attention to important issues; this is a well-written article. I’ve been following the developing events of the case and trial on CNN only for the last week or so. I did some side research to understand what exactly happened. It’s incredibly sad that Angie lost her life over this and yes, Andrade is, without a doubt, a sick man. However, Angie, choosing to lie over her innate gender was probably not the best idea. I think that people should put themselves in the positions of the 2 people involved in this case before passing judgment so quickly or easily. I am a straight, young woman but I went to an all-womens’ college with a large lesbian and transgender population. Personally, I don’t think I would be okay with finding out that a “guy” I was hooking up with was in reality a girl, especially after I questioned him about his gender. I am not condoning Andrade’s actions. I am condoning the lie upon which this relationship developed.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Angie Zapata and her loved ones.

  18. I absolutely and totally agree with what you say, on every level. I think you were very kind and compassionate about Angie’s sad situation.
    Unfortunately, I believe that Angie was just like most teenagers. They think they are grown and want to make adult decisions, but they just lack the proper decision making skills that are necessary to keep them alive. She was too young and immature and that lead to her horrifying disaster.
    I am also confused about why she wanted to be with that ugly, terrible man and why she would have oral sex with him. I understand she was transgendered, and she wanted desperately to be female. Being female does not mean having oral sex with ugly random men. Instead, she should have embraced that she was transgendered and looked for a partner who would accept her 100% as she is. She looked like a breathtakingly beautiful person and she would have found a suitable partner eventually. This senseless murder was a total waste of a beautiful person.
    If there are any other confused transgendered people out there, I hope sincerely they will see what mistakes she made and do not make the same ones. Don’t lie and pretend to be what you are not. Tell the truth and be who you are. There is no shame in being transgendered. The shame comes from not accepting yourself and trying to be what you think others think you should be.

  19. Whatever sex she wanted to post on her myspace, is her business. Where I think she made a mistake in not telling him before they met. Also, to leave him alone in her apartment. I have many trans friends, and I have seen many have these types of encounters. I would have to say 90%, of the time the guys will stay just to get off. A very small percent will walkaway and say they are not into it. Then there are situations like this. It is sad but that is the horrible truth of being a transexual. If I were a trans woman, I would post it on my page and let guys know upfront. There are way too many guys out there that would like to try it.

  20. I like what you wrote (Charles) and I did not think in anyway you were defending what that animal did to her but….. just looking at his photo (Andrade) I would guess that this guy has led a rough life and probably has a criminal history and maybe gang ties. Again, this is just my impression but that is where common sense comes in, where making assumptioins about people can help protect you. To lie to an individual(esp. about something like this) is wrong because you are not getting their full consent just like someone knowing they have an STD, not disclosing and still having unprotected sex.
    I have also talked to different men about something like this and the ones (who claim they are as straight as an arrow) their homophobia is usually so severe that to be deceived like this is taken as a threat to their manhood (I am only speaking the truth, not that it is right.)
    I see this as a young person (man or woman) making an immature and dangerous decision and she payed the ultimate price- AGAIN- I am not saying what happened to her is right, all I am saying is that anytime you lie to someone you are taking a chance. She was very beautiful and she looks all woman but…you can’t lie about something like this.

  21. Angie was so beautiful – what a tragic loss!
    I only wish I had the good fortune to meet her instead of the moron who killed her.
    Was she deceitful?
    Gender is not biological; sex is.
    Angie’s gender is undeniably female.
    On the other hand, it’s truly sad she wasn’t up front about her sex.
    Still, that’s no reason to kill somebody!

  22. Blaming the victim in any sort of crime is outrageous. If Angie had been a biological woman that lied about her virginity would it be OK? Absolutely not.
    As for her judgement, who can say what her upbringing was? Maybe she had been around men that looked like Andrade all her life. People are bigoted but that does not justify a hate crime.
    Why don’t you blame Andrade for not being able to spot a transgender person on the spot? His lack of sophistication about transexuals makes him just as culpable; yet you blame Angie for her lack of sophistication in choosing appropriate men. This is an example of sexism to the extreme.
    You should really rethink your thesis. RHM is wrong. If your main purpose was to say that trans are discriminated against then the writer should have simply stated that fact rather than some half-assed “yeah butt” theory. If a woman is raped it’s easy to say that she is culpable for dressing provocatively or walking alone at night. That kind of thinking is horrendously outmoded, chauvinistic and repugnant. Even suggesting that a victim is to blame is outrageous.

  23. First of all. I’d like to say sorry to the family for their loss. I found out about this case today as i was watching the coverage of the trial on t.v, No matter what gender she was she didn’t deserve to have her life taking. People in this world have to learn to stop judging others. And i agree she was a woman. The reason she may have not told the truth was she may have been afraid he would have reacted in the way that he did. i sometimes ask myself did the person really knew deep down in their heart that their was a chance that person was hiding something and ignored the signs, as in the Teena Brandon case why did it have to lead to their deaths. Just because a person choose to live their lives the way that their heart feels doesn’t mean they have to lose their lives. We have to be more loving and understanding towards others as well as respect them as a human being and whatever choices they chose in their lives. Afterall that’s their life, god gave it to them and only he had the right to take it away.

  24. well i think its a tragic of what happened to Angie but she shouldn’t have lied about her gender but also Allen shouldn’t have killed her i think just hitting her a little bit and left would’ve been better in my opinion but to do something like mess her head up and all that wasn’t necessary i just dont beleave this isw a hate crime because he states he lost control after he found out she was originally a male and after having to go through that he started saying rude things about all homosexuals im not trying to sound mean or rude i respect if your a homosexual transsexual or whatever you want to be but all of this that i am saying is just my opinion i know for a fact that Angie or Justin Zapata is in a better place and Mr. Andrade will get what he deserves sooner or later but I’m not wishing anything bad to happen to him all we can to do is prey for both Zapata and Andrade and hope that everything goes fairly and Zapata rests in peace if you have anything to say on my comment be sure to write to me.. LAJOK3R131313@YAHOO.COM

  25. You are wrong in saying she would never be female. There are TG surgerys to make a man into a female and a male to a female. Being TG is not about “sexual feelings” it is who they are as a person.

  26. She didn’t deserve to die at the hands of this stupid jerk. Having said that, her judgment was terrible. As pretty as she was, she had no business messing with a straight man. There are plenty of bi and gay men who would have treated her like a princess.

  27. I’m a sixty year old grandmother and can’t believe that everyone is questioning Angie(who was18)going out with a 31 year old man. How about a grown man of 31 of dubious character and background going out with an 18 year old girl. Had Angie not been trans-gender wouldn’t everyone be outraged at the murder of a young girl and label him a predator. Most of society would not resort to murder no matter the circumstance as did the defendant in this case.

  28. I feel that if I were in the killers shoes, I would not have reacted the way he did- I would have totally flipped out, but in a completely different way. However I feel that it was completely dishonest for Angie/justin to misrepresent her/himself as a female when biologically this was not the case.
    It is one way to FEEL one way, it is another thing to be what you feel. I would have felt like I had been raped. Honestly. And my reaction to that would have been taking a rape shower, his reaction was violence. Looking at his picture, honestly I’m not surprised. It’s sad that Justin miscalculated what people are capable off when messed with. And maybe he didn’t mean to mess with him, maybe things got carried away, and maybe things got out of hand and went farther than he had planned but it just goes to show what can happen.
    I feel that if you are choosing to live an alternative lifestyle you need to be open with those you bring into it. And if you know anything about guys who are straight, tricking them into gay sex is one of the most messed up things you could do to a dude. That’s heck of jacked up! And maybe angie/justin didn’t know how that would feel to do to someone. It’s sad and I hope justice is done in the case.

  29. I agree with Charles and Nana on this one here. Although Allen was a total brute in this case, I can help to see where he was provoked. I mean what made Angie or Justin think this man wanted to be with another man which by the way straight guys hates. For all we know this Allen guy may have been a homophobe so for Justin/Angie to lead him thinking that she/he was indeed a woman was wrong outright wrong and deceptive. I’m by all means not trying to defend or vindicate Allen here but like I said earlier, I see where he was provoked. Angie/Justin caused him/her a wonderful life!!!

  30. I think the moral of issue with lying about the persons sexuality is overshadowed by the blowjob that was given (an received) after meeting for the first time. Mentioning the lie is in fact justifying the crime. If he did not want to get off so badly, this would not have happened and the lie would not have occurred. So lets not bring the moral issue of lying into the picture.

  31. I feel bad for what happend to Angie. I am a man, and love women. If she felt that she was a woman then to those that cared for her she was. The way I see it is if i was to fall in love with someone that is transgender and they told me after 2 weeks or so of being with them then my next move would have to be that I would need to think, but if I had already fell in love with that person then so be it I would not care what anyone else thinks. I would only want to be with that person becuase I love them. I think Angie was a very pretty girl this is sad for her and her family/friends that this had to happen. It’t not easy for those who are transgender to just say it out loud to others it sometimes pains them. My feeliing are for her family and friends hope they can get through this.
    Love Jimmy

  32. I never had the preveledge of meeting Angie Zapata, but I can truely and sincerely say that I was touched by her tragic death and impacted me so much to know more about her in the days before the trail began and took the time to see this site and those dedicated to her in keeping her memory alive.
    May she rest in peace and my sincerest condolences to her family, and God Bless them and may God Bless her soul, but her voice was heard by the jury, the judge, and the world all together leaving the precident for any future and hoprfully not more cases like this of crimes of hate of any kind. If I were to ever meet her in this lifetime or in the next life I can only compliment her for being her self and the inner and out beauty she possess and the courage that she will stand for.
    Hail /VIVA Angie Zapata eres bonita como ni alguna otra persona. Besos y abrasos!!!!

  33. I’m a transgender female to male or for the people who say SHE lied I can tell you from expericence we lie to save our own ass so shit like this doesn’t happen as soon as we meet people we want people to see us as the gender we want not our biological gender. Yes it’s unfortunate she died but it’s apart of her survival of the fittest mechanism to lie so..yeah I also live in the town where Gwen Aruijo was murderd if you don’t know go look it up so yeah I’ve had alot of experience with this

  34. I believe Allen knew her trans status especially that he went to court with her for her traffice tickets. I didnt know ms zapata! but I can say that she changed me. I will no longer deal with insecured males or male who are looking to explore their sexual acts with me. I have come to far a transgender female, to waste it with some DL insecured guy. R. I. P angie! there are alot of things in this world that people will never understand or should even try! one is transgenderism and transsexuality. Just accept it for what it is and allow us to live our lives. I believe that no minority out there have any right to judge us, because you too are frowned upon and stereotyped. We want what you want and that is respect and love!! no matter how anyone view us please know that the same creator that created you created me too. and he make all things possible that exist, exist! If we were all the same, how would we be different or special???? PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE! LOVE IS LOVE! BE HAPPY!

  35. First of all, no one knows if Angie tried to deceive Andrade at all. For all we know he could have been into transgender women. The prosecution suggested that Andrade was present in court with Angie a few days before the murder and they called “Justin” to the stand not Angie. Or the fact that he decided to kill her could be based on his gang’s mentality that “homosexuality is unacceptable,” and maybe his friends found out about his homosexual encounter with Angie. No one knows. It’s not our job to judge and make assumptions. And if she deceived him, so what. That’s still no reason to take a life. It’s just wrong and he deserves the death penalty. R.I.P. Angie!!

  36. This person was a human being however she should have been honest from the beginning.
    We are taught from a very young age that there are consequences for lying. Unfortunately, her consequence was the worst…death.

  37. The loss of this young person is very unfortunate & tragic, however this case has really irritated because if Justin would have been HONEST about this sutation there would be a BIG possibility that he would be alive. Allen didn’t lie about being homophobic, if you put any straight man in this kind of situation, a man that really doesn’t like gays, that has that macho atttitude, chances of voilence coming about after that man has been lied to above all to find out that you have just been intimate with someone of the same sex, I think any man under these circumstances would act out of rage & anger. I do not condone what ocurred & I am NOT anti gay, however I do believe Justin was trying to attract men in a inappropriate manner, & he did not know that lying would cost him his life. Maybe this will be a lesson for all transgender people out there, BE WHO YOU ARE INSIDE & OUT BUT PLEASE BE HONEST WITH OTHERS!!

  38. This is horrible! She was a beautiful young lady and I offer my condolences to her family and friends, it must be so difficult.
    Those that call her Justin and use “he” are extremely rude. Who are you to decide what to call her? I will call you *!@#. Even if her name was still legally Justin, it is still rude. Like someone named Bartholomew and goes by Bart, calling them a name they don’t like is not ok.
    I am a transsexual woman, one thing people don’t seem to understand, is that gay men are not into girls like us. We are not men, gay guys like men. I want my partner to like me for the woman I am. I have had beautiful relationships with men who have no desire to be with a man and were not looking for a transsexual when we met.
    Men that do these horrible things do so because they are afraid of what they feel in themselves and are afraid people will think they are gay. If you are truly straight, why would you worry about people thinking you are gay?
    I agree that honesty is best, but it’s not a good idea to just broadcast things like this to the world. It is not anyone’s business first of all, only people you are about to be intimate with need to know. And second of all, I’m not going to put myself in danger by notifying everyone around me the status of my genitalia, chromosomes, or whatever.


  40. It’s a tragedy that this person was robbed of “her” life due to an unjustifiable hatred. I’m a MocoSpace user and it’s a tragedy within the Moco community. I would have liked to have gotten to know her and befriend her. I have a high tolerance for people’s lifestyles and judge them soley by the content of their character. I’m a purely straight male, but I don’t condone the actions of the animal who brutally murdered Angie. I accept all people for who they are. I’ve communicated with a few transgender women and have no problem in how they choose to live their own life. It was totally uncalled for to kill this young lady because f hoophobiaand insecurity with one’s own masculinity. Granted, Angie should have been honest from th get-go BEFORE meeting ANYONE online in person. But if that man had any doubt as to Angie’s gender, he could have simply left, because there was nothing stopping him from walking out. If I was in that position and found out the hard way that she was transgender, I’d be angry for being lied to, but the most I’d have done would be to cuss her out for lying to me and walk out without further incident. I wouldn’t have gone to the extreme of beating her to death. People need to realize, especially transexuals, that there are psychos out here who would do you harm just ecause you’re different. Angie’s mistake was in not being upfront about being a transexual and allowing a complete stranger alone in her home. Allowing him to stay there in her absence was poor judgement on Angie. If she had done those things, she’d probably still be alive to this day. But it still gives that animal no excuse to have killed her. He should have just left her apartment upon finding out the truth, then no harm, no foul. He exercised very poor judement in how he handled finding out Angie was transgender.

  41. Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword… When you LIVE by a LIE you shall DIE by a LIE.. Did she think that she was going to play with a grown MAN’s life like that… I mean I respect anyone’s choice to be whoever/whatever you want to be.. but when you bring another person (unknowingly) into your fantasy world and expect them to be cool with it? I mean Andrade took his anger TOO FAR but was he wrong for being angry??
    Any man on here who is heterosexual that can honestly say they wouldn’t have been angry if another guy poseing as a woman performs oral sex i’d call a LIAR
    There are plenty of men on Moco/Myspace that would have LOVED sexual relations with a transgender but to play with someone’s life like that is WRONG
    I say that there are 2 victoms in this sad story and andrade was the FIRST!

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