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I am very pro cycling myself. I have an extreme dislike for the car culture that we have here in the US in general. I absolutely feel that if mass public or self transportation without the use of a motor vehicle is possible, then it should be used in nearly all cases.

Personally I do not drive currently and I do not even own a car. Using mass transit and self transportation is environmentally sound and much more cost effective than operating a motor vehicle of your own. That's why I don't understand the car culture that we have, I don't understand how it has spread and is generally accepted everywhere, even in our large cities.

That's why I thought that Bloomberg's tax was a brilliant idea for NYC. Having actually biked through New York on a regular basis, it's not exactly the greatest experience that I've ever had, and certainly not something that I would want to do every morning to get to work. If there were less vehicles, less congestion and less hostility in general though, then I would be all for cycling to work most of the time. But still it isn't a huge issue as we have a fine public mass transit system in our subways.

Anyway, I'm hoping that the recent housing issues in the US will make more and more people come to the cities, which should lead to less reliability on vehicles for people in general if they have a quality system for public transportation in place.

I have other huge issues with suburban sprawl and the whole suburban culture here in the US as well, a different topic, I know; but it has to be stated as it undoubtedly plays a key role in the want and need for motor vehicles by many Americans. If we didn't live 20 miles away from where we go to school and work, then there would be much less of an issue and the car culture in the US would simply dissolve. It is honestly ridiculous to live so far away from the places that you need to go on a regular basis when you could just as easily live in the city, much closer to the places that you need to go.

Both are huge issues that people need to get over in my opinion. You don't need an acre or two of land surrounding your home, really. There is absolutely no need for that, it's wasteful and harmful to all of us in the long run. Living in the city is a much better option. Hopefully more and more people in our future generations realize this and stop moving into and building new unnecessary suburbs.


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