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Our website is hosted on a dedicated server that is operated by The Planet: For those of you that do not know what The Planet is, they are the world's largest privately held dedicated server company. They merged with Everyones Internet, which ran the EV1servers brand, in mid 2006, which gave them their title of the largest privately held dedicated server company in the world. They have over 22,000 customers and 55,000 servers, their servers host over 2.8 million websites; a massive operation.

Anyway, The Planet had a major fire in their Houston H1 data center and all of the servers there were brought down, our box along with the rest. A transformer in their H1 data center in Houston caught fire, requiring them to take down all of their generators, as they were instructed to do by the fire department. All of the servers in the Houston H1 data center were brought down, some 9,000 servers, which affects over 7,500 of their customers, including us.

It happened Saturday evening at 4:55pm CDT, 5:55pm EDT, in their H1 data center. An electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and a large fire that knocked down three of the walls surrounding their electrical equipment room. Thankfully no one was injured by either the explosion or the fire.

A good thing for them is that the explosion and the fire did not have any impact on any of their other five data centers. Though that doesn't change the fact that it did impact 7,500 of us, and whatever number of secondary customers they have; countless websites as well, I don't even want to think about the number of sites that had prolonged downtime due to this explosion.

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