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There was a great article by Thane Rosenbaum in the Wall Street Journal today. The article is entitled The President Has Kept Us Safe. In the article he goes on to discuss how he believes that our President has kept us safe from terrorists in the nearly 7 years since 9/11. Here is my commentary on the article:

I, as Mr. Rosenbaum, also did not vote for Bush in 2004 (I wasn't of age in 2000), but regardless of whom I voted for, President Bush was reelected and I accepted that choice. I've never talked badly about him at all; I realize that he has an extremely difficult job, much more difficult than I can even imagine I am sure.

That doesn't mean that I support absolutely everything that the President and his administration have done, as the article mentions the Patriot Act as an example: I certainly don't agree with our government infringing on the rights and the privacies of our nations citizens, in fact I am very much against it; but I can at the very least understand why such measures were taken. They were undoubtedly put into place to protect the American people, not to hurt them. I also do not believe that they are wire-tapping my telephone or reading my messages.

I was also in New York on 9/11, and it's absolutely correct that the people had a completely different mindset at that time. I can clearly remember the most liberal people that I knew, people who now support Barack Obama, suggesting that our country simply attack other nations without any evidence at all against them, nations in the middle east, simply because they may have had something to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Those very same people quite suddenly changed their tune as the years passed; now they're against the war in Iraq and think that it was a terrible idea from the very beginning. They're vehemently supporting Barack Obama and the Democrats, and they trash our President every chance that they get.

Now you could make the argument that the people that I speak with are simply ignorant, but if you actually read some of the comments made by Barack Obama followers right here on the internet, you can see that the people that I speak with are not much different from any other Barack Obama follower.

The article is absolutely correct in saying that the winds of change take to the American people as a hurricane takes to a wind chime. They forget that not even 7 short years ago they were the very thing that they are now so against. They are the ultimate hypocrisy.

Why we have to stay in Iraq


The people of Iraq are depending on us. The population of Iraq is estimated at well over twenty-seven million; twenty-seven million of our fellow human beings that have had their country and their lives turned upside down by this war; twenty-seven million; twenty-seven million people that are only going to be affected negatively by our withdrawal from their country in its current state.

You don't have to believe that us going into Iraq was a good idea in the first place, I certainly don't believe that it was. But that does not change the fact that we are now in Iraq and that those twenty-seven million Iraqi children, women, and men, both young and old and every age in between, are in a much worse situation than we are.

We are certainly going to be affected as well: There is a huge cost to us staying in Iraq for the long haul, a cost of many American lives and a large amount of Americans tax dollars. But it is the Iraqi people that are going to end up paying the greatest price, a far greater price than we could possibly imagine, if we choose to abandon them and their country, leaving them with the mess that we have started.

It doesn't matter why we are in Iraq now, or why we went there in the beginning. Yes, we all know that Barack Obama voted against going to war with Iraq; we all know that Hillary Clinton voted to go to war with Iraq; and we all know that it was the idea of the Republicans, George Bush, and Dick Chaney in the first place, but none of the matters any longer. The reality of the situation is that there are millions and millions of innocent Iraqi civilians, people just like you and I, that are going to end up paying the real cost of this war. Think of those people the next time you are discussing, listening to, or reading something about the war in Iraq. Think of those people the next time you hear a person or a politician say that we need to abandon Iraq.

The Housing Bubble


The drop in housing prices in many parts of the country is not necessarily a bad thing. The value of homes in many areas of the country was increasing at an unsustainable rate that had absolutely no basis in reality. It wasn't demand, it wasn't the cost to build those homes, the price of wood and labor did not rise with the price of the homes; it is because the prices were being artificially inflated by everyone involved in the sale of homes; from the builders, to the bankers giving the loans and in turn packaging them up and selling them to investors, to the buyers of those securities, to the buyers of the actual homes, likely some of you people reading this, we consumers that wanted our investment to continue to increase at such an astronomical rate.

It wasn't real, and the reality is that if the bubble continued it would have made things much more difficult for future generations to buy homes in many areas of our country. It would be like a couple fresh out of school trying to buy real estate in Manhattan, except without any of the actual value that is derived from the huge demand for real estate in Manhattan. The truth is that everyone involved was at fault, including the consumer. It's understandable though, of course the businesses and workers involved wanted to make as much money as they possibly could, and the consumer simply wanted a solid investment that they hopefully wouldn't have to worry about in the future, something that they could rely on, something that would always be there for them.

Sadly most people didn't see the bubble bursting, as is the case with all bubbles, so we now have to deal with all of the issues that are being piled on to the deflating price of housing in the United States; such as the credit crunch, the rapid devaluation of our currency, and a general lack of confidence in a majority of our fellow Americans with the economy and our country as a whole. Adding all of this to the numerous other political issues that the country is currently dealing with has made things much worse than they should have been. And then all of the problems are amplified once again due to it being a general election year.

We have to understand that all of us are at fault for the current economic issues; we can then come to the conclusion that the securitization of debt is a good and powerful tool for our economy, and as such it should not be overly regulated into something much less useful.

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