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Think of this: How many people in America owned guns in the early days of the colonies, up to the revolution and through the 19th century? I don't know if there are actual statistics available, but even without any statistics I would be more than comfortable in saying that a large portion of the population owned and used guns regularly without issue. Those were different times, a completely different culture from what we have today. The same basic idea can be applied to various countries in Europe: You have countries with rampant gun use, ownership, and general knowledge, such as Switzerland, and then you have countries with heavy handed gun laws, such as the UK. The reason that you end up with different statistics of gun usage between those two countries and the US is due to culture. The people are very different.

Another issue that was just brought up a few posts above this one is that a large majority of gun related crimes are happening in poor, uneducated areas. Areas with a completely different culture, way of life, and way of thinking, than other areas just a handful of miles away in many cases, which are not having the same issues with gun related crime. That isn't something that is going to be fixed by pouring money into the problem areas either, it's an issue of general education of young people in our country. And not just public education, but parental education and guidance as well, perhaps even more importantly.

School shootings on the other hand, are another issue entirely:
They are caused by emotional issues on the part of those committing such crimes. First of all, anyone that would even have the thought of doing such a thing is not well mentally. They should be given proper mental treatment before it comes to bringing a gun to their school and ending the lives of many innocent students and teachers. There's a huge issue with the treatment of those with mental health issues in the US, it's not just the crazy homeless guy that needs proper treatment, at one point that guy was in school and very likely had the same exact issues, but they went untreated and that is how he ended up. People need proper mental treatment, in my opinion it is a far bigger issue than the physical health of the public, which is generally all that is mentioned by the politicians and everyone else.

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