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A Homeless Person - Courtesy of Joshua Sherurcij

The number homeless people in the United States can vary greatly at any single point in time. The vast majority of homeless Americans are only homeless for a short period of time; and usually it is due to very specific circumstances, after a natural disaster for example, or a long period without work after a job loss, a death in the family, things like that.

Using the current flooding problems as a current example, there will be a short term influx of homeless people in the United States without a doubt, but the vast majority of those people will have a home again very soon.

The real issue is all of the people that are homeless and have been homeless for a very long time now. These people are not going to find a home any time soon. The majority of them suffer from mental health issues, often times very severe mental health issues, or they have substance abuse problems; and the help available to them is vastly inadequate for how extensive the issue is.

Another part of the equation that needs to be taken into account is the fact that the amount of homeless veterans is hugely out of balance with the percentage of American veterans as a whole of the population. It clearly shows that veterans are not receiving the level of treatment that they deserve here in the United States. Our veterans need and deserve proper care, no matter what their problem is.

I have currently estimated the amount of actual homeless people in the United States at over .0333% of the population, over one hundred thousand of our fellow Americans. As I said above, the number of homeless people in the United States varies greatly at any point in time; but what I am concerned with here are real homeless people that have very little chance of getting out of their homelessness.

Real homeless people are what we need to focus on. Over one hundred thousand Americans: Men, women and children, usually with extreme mental or substance abuse problems, problems that they have little hope in overcoming, problems that they have little support for.

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