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Increasing Food Prices is a Serious Issue


People are going to suffer due to the rapidly increasing price of foods and other commodities. No, not American people, and not the people in any of the more advanced countries. The people that are going to suffer are those truly poor and downtrodden people in our world; there is true poverty out there, people that simply do not have the opportunity to make their lives better.

These people aren't able to farm their own lands to feed themselves; they have to deal with the current global commodity situation just as every one of us does. But sadly these people, these many millions of people, they simply cannot keep up with these rapidly increasing prices. These are people that live on the equivalent of one dollar a day, one single dollar each day.

Living on a dollar a day is known as extreme poverty. Just imagine having the spending power of one single dollar every day and you will easily be able to see why these people can barely survive; that they do in fact go hungry, often to the point of starvation. And it is only going to get worse as the price of commodities continues to rise.

When we hear the politicians and our fellow Americans complaining about the increase in prices through various forms of media, it's them complaining about petty things such as Milk increasing in price and how outrageous it is. But the fact is that us Americans are not in any danger from this increase in commodity prices; no, we are going to be just fine. It is the truly poor in our world that will suffer.

All of us have heard the various reasons given for the increase in prices: From the recent popularity of bio fuels to global warming diminishing the harvests. Neither of these is the real reason for the increase in prices, no matter what the politicians and pundits tell you and want you to think.

Demand is the main reason behind the increase in commodity prices. It's as simple as that. Millions of people in both India and China, as well as several other emerging countries, are eating a much higher quality diet than they previously were. This is by no means a bad thing; we should all be very happy for these people, people that have brought themselves out of poverty through hard work and determination. It is a great thing.

We can't blame anyone or single thing. From the increased demand in countries such as China and India, to bio fuels and global warming; we can certainly debate which of these things has a larger affect on prices, but that is only going to lead us to continuing the avoidance of the real issue: That is the truly poor people in the world that are suffering now, and will continue to suffer as these elements weigh on the prices of commodities in the future.

Can we do anything about this? I'm sure that we can, yes. For example, I simply consume less and waste less. There is an incredible amount of waste in advanced countries; people don't give it a second thought. I witness people wasting without care every single day of my life. It's a terrible thing.

Knowing that our waste alone could feed millions of truly needy people is a very sad thing. We've all seen the studies, some saying that half of the food in the United States is actually wasted, never ingested by a human being at all. The first time that I read that I was shocked, sure; but I knew that it would be a staggering amount of waste based on what I have seen with my own eyes.

The fact is that less waste and more efficiency here in the United States would dramatically drop the demand for commodities, and as such, it would in turn drop the price of food throughout the world. This would allow more and more people to eat, to eat a better diet, and be healthier in general.

So the next time that you're in your local supermarket, don't complain about the increasing cost of your Eggs and Milk; instead think of the poor people that are going to go without due to you continuing your wasteful habits.

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