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So Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are leaving their church, the Trinity United Church of Christ. I ask: What is the point of leaving now?

Someone should have told Barack Obama that this is not something that he can just walk away from. You can not erase the past Obama buddy, I'm sorry to break the news to you. You're going to have to live with it. As much as you and your followers don't like the idea of having to deal with the consequences of your own personal actions; I know... It's a hard concept to wrap your head around.

Thankfully I have little doubt that the vast majority of my fellow Americans realize the very same things that I do; as such there is no way that Barack Obama will win the presidency; no matter whom he disowns. Seriously, who's next Obama, your wife Michelle perhaps?

This is nothing more than yet another calculated move made by Barack Obama for his own personal gain. First he didn't want to disown his mentor and pastor, Jeremiah Wright; he then hypocritically does exactly what he said he would not and could not do, but only after Jeremiah Wright made him look bad in public.

Only after coming to realize, or more than likely being told, that disowning Jeremiah Wright was the best decision for his presidential campaign did Barack Obama do so. Only when he realized that there was more to gain on a personal level by disowning him than by keeping him around did Barack Obama do so.

Only after the polls and his handlers told him that leaving his church would be beneficial did Barack Obama so do. That is hypocritical and cowardly. Stand up for what you truly believe in Barack; you can't sit in a "church" for over 20 years listening to hate spew forth from the alter and not believe at least some of is, can you Mr. Obama?

Of course you can't. It's clear to everyone that actually wants to open their eyes and look at the situation logically and without political prejudice, such as me, that Barack Obama is nothing more than a politician, an empty suit, trying to do whatever is best for Barack Obama.

That is all Barack Obama cares about. He doesn't care about the American people or our country. He wants to be the President, it is all that he has on his mind, and it is all that he cares about. Whatever he has to smash through and trample to reach his goal, well they are just sacrifices that must be made for the great good, isn't that right Mr. Obama?

He doesn't care about the Democratic Party or its members. He doesn't care about its leaders or its oldest supporters. He cares about winning this election, above all else. This is extremely obvious, Barack Obama would not have thrown his mentor Jeremiah Wright under his political bus; Barack Obama would not have removed himself from his "church", or which he was a member for over 20 years.

Those are not things that people easily walk away from. Looking back on Barack Obama's much lauded speech on race only confirms this.

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