Tony Snow – A Good Guy

Tony Snow - courtesy AP

Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow died early
yesterday morning (Saturday, July 12th, 2008).

While this is not a particularly huge event in the broad
scope of history; it is most certainly worthy of a bit of discussion,
especially due to the fact that this man is being disrespected all over by the
ignorant, mainly here on the internet.

These commentators seem to feel that Tony Snow somehow isn’t
a good person due to their political differences.

I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised by the ignorance of
some people, considering the way they treat everyone that disagrees with them,
even on issues that are not in any way political.

Still, I find it quite saddening, as the great majority of
these people have no idea what kind of person Tony Snow was, they’re too
ignorant to do any research on him, they’re too ignorant to care.

They would rather spout their political ideologies and
demonize the man after his death. It really shows their character.

Having actually had the opportunity to speak with Tony Snow,
I can honestly say that he seemed like nothing less than a good person to me.

Not only was he a good person, but he had several
interesting political stances that differentiated him from many other people in
his political party.

Simply because of his association with the Bush
administration he has been unfairly judged and labeled. The fact is that he
disagreed with many decisions of the current administration.

Take a look at some of the articles that he has written.
While I certainly don’t agree with everything in them, some of his opinions and
beliefs are interesting, and they are quite different from the beliefs and
opinions that many of his current detractors believe he held.

Not only was he a good guy, quite different from how many
people are currently portraying him; but he was a loyal public servant, and by
all accounts a devoted family man. All of which are attributes that should be
respected in a person, sadly some have allowed politics to cloud their vision –
making such features difficult to see.

With that said: No
matter what your feelings towards him are, we should all be able to agree that any
article regarding Tony Snow deserves nothing less than a R.I.P. and wishes of
strength for the family that he leaves behind.